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Donovan Dowling

Donovan has always been an art enthusiast drawn to the impressionist and abstract painters who challenge our way of seeing and interpreting the world around us and our own emotions. What started as a hobby over a decade ago has transitioned into a passion to paint. A drive is emerging to continue to create and share his art.


He is pushing boundaries of composition, color, light, and experimenting with techniques to invite the viewer into his works to find their own experiences. One of his paintings starts with a concept or feeling and each one takes on a life of it's own that pushes him to put his own spin on the vision, but leaving lots of room for interpretation. 


Donovan is a Colorado native and draws inspiration from the city vibe and the nature that surrounds us. Being land locked the ocean, beaches, and water pull at his imagination and find their way into his imagery. Please take some time here and enjoy, yet nothing beats being able to see and touch the textures and layers in these pieces for yourself.

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